Outward Bound Professional

Building Leadership for Lasting Change

Outward Bound Professional programs increase effectiveness of newly-forming and high-performance teams, cultivate a positive, supportive and empowering culture, and form more trusting relationships among colleagues.

These transformative programs are conducted year-round in the exceptional wilderness of our 204-acre island or delivered in the location of your choice, including online. All programs are custom designed to stimulate creativity, innovation and effectiveness while incorporating a global perspective to meet the diverse challenges of today’s organizations.

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What We Do

For seventy years, Outward Bound has inspired character and team development through active learning. At Outward Bound Professional, our leadership techniques are applied to challenging situations that many organizations face including developing effective teams, developing leaders in an ever-changing market, change management, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, working globally and virtually, and most of all, enhancing communication and trust for maximum performance.

Outward Bound Professional's remote programs are custom-designed to meet your team’s specific goals and offer a global perspective on the diverse and emerging challenges organizations face today.

How We Work

Our programs are delivered in four phases:

Phase I: Assessment

We perform a thorough needs assessment of your team’s desired actionable outcomes and map out program scope, goals, and methodology. Assessments we use include 360° Feedback, Belbin, Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs™, DiSC™ and Management Styles.

Phase II: Design

We work closely with clients to identify the best mix of activities for your goals and help set the tone for openness and participation. Our customized programs include a combination of experiential problem-solving activities, learning models, ropes courses, wilderness components, reflection tools, and academic materials, if appropriate.

Phase III: Delivery

Our highly-trained facilitators take participants through a series of challenges followed by artful debriefs that ask significant questions and produce memorable and transferable results.

Phase IV: Follow-Up

Through ongoing coaching and consultation, we work with you to ensure that key learnings and behavioral changes from our programs are being incorporated into your workplace culture.

Results You Can Expect

  • Higher-performing teams
  • New skills and tools for addressing and managing change
  • Increased leadership awareness and capability
  • Enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Integration of academic learning into practical application

Our Facilitators

Equally comfortable online or in the field, our facilitators are passionate about what they do and have years of experience as agents of change in corporate settings and academic institutions and expertise spanning organizational development, consulting, psychology, business management, experiential education, and wilderness training. They are consistently recognized for their skill and experience in developing participants and teams to function more effectively, together.

A Positive Impact

The mission of Outward Bound Professional is to create positive lasting change in the workplace by providing cutting-edge programs that enhance the effectiveness of individuals, groups, and organizations. This mission of Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound is to create positive lasting change in the lives of young people by providing high-quality educational experiences that create opportunities for children in Boston’s most underserved communities to learn, thrive, and grow. All proceeds from our Outward Bound Professional programs directly support Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound’s youth programs.

Teamwork Starts Today

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The Thompson Island Outward Bound organization and team should be applauded for their exceptional skill in overachieving every expectation I set for this two-day program. As you might suspect, I have already seen a renewed sense of purpose and shared leadership across every team member.

~ Todd Gustafson, Hewlett-Packard

Not only as a facilitator, but also in my role as a faculty member and OBP client at BU Questrom School of Business, I’m always amazed at how powerful an OBP experience can be. I know of no other program that can empower, uplift, and transform people the way Outward Bound does.

~ Paul J. Hutchinson, Outward Bound Professional Facilitator

Thank You

Your generous support allows us to provide our transformative social-emotional programs for students in Boston.


Thank You

Your generous support allows us to provide our transformative social-emotional programs for students in Boston.