Gifts Through Charitable Trusts

Other Solutions for Assets and Gifts

If you have built a sizable estate, making a legacy gift through a Charitable Trust may allow you to give more than you thought possible. A Charitable Trust can help you make the most of your existing assets and resources, while also providing tangible financial benefits for you and your family – today and in the future.

Charitable Remainder Trust 

You can make a gift of assets to a charitable remainder trust and receive income for yourself and/or loved ones in return. The remaining assets would go to Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School.

Savings in income and capital gains tax may result. Contact your estate planning advisor.

Charitable Lead Trust

By establishing a charitable lead trust you can provide income for Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School for a period of time, with the balance passing to your heirs. 

This gift allows you to create an impact now at Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School . Contact your estate planning advisor.



Warner Henderson; Charitable Remainder Trust

"Growing up in the '60's and '70s, I was committed to finding an effective way to deal with racial injustice and help urban youth in under-resourced communities. When I first became a board member, I bought a life insurance policy that will one day benefit the Island. Later, as my investments grew, I created a Charitable Reminder Trust which will strengthen my retirement plan while also helping the organization meet the needs of future generations."

Warner and his wife Barbara have experienced Outward Bound’s deep impact on young people, including their son. Warner’s decision to set up not one but two planned legacy gifts that will flow into the endowment reflects both his commitment to less fortunate youth and his long service on the Board and the Investment Committee, helping manage and grow the endowment.

Next Steps

1. Talk to us

We would welcome a conversation with you about how you can benefit Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School as well as your heirs. 

Please contact Rebecca Schulzburg at 617.830.5101 or [email protected].

2. Seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor

3. Use our legal name

If you include Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.

Legal name: Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School, Inc.
Address: Box 127, Boston, MA 02127
Federal tax ID number: 04-3027900

4. Keep us informed!

If you have already named Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School in your will or trust, please let us know so we can ensure that your gift is used according to your wishes. We would also like to welcome you to the Kurt Hahn Society, recognizing planned legacy gifts. Information you share will be kept confidential and we respect any desire to remain anonymous.

Please contact Rebecca Schulzburg at 617.830.5101 or [email protected].

Thank you!

Please note that Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound School cannot provide legal, tax, or financial advice. We recommend you contact your attorneys or other professional advisors when considering changes to your estate plan.